Horowitz, Anthony: Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Buchtipps | Englische Bücher

Pages: 234

Rating: ***

Genre: thriller

Themes: courage, good vs. evil, coming of age, justice

What if James Bond were a teenager? Then he would be very similar to Alex Rider, the nephew of the once great spy Ian Rider. Alex doesn’t know that. He thinks his uncle works for a bank. But then his uncle dies under mysterious circumstances and Alex finds out the truth about his uncle. Now he must finish the mission that his uncle started. Therefore, he has to work together with the MI6 and he travels to Cornwall to meet the mysterious millionaire Herod Sayle and talks to him about his new project: Stormbreaker.

I would recommend the book to James Bond fans because the story has similarities to James Bond. The only differences are that there are no Bond girls in Alex Rider and the main character is not as charming as James Bond. In my opinion the book is not complete rubbish but I would prefer a real James Bond movie. The story takes long to get going. Also, the main villain is a bit ridiculous, and it is hard to take him seriously. The MI6 looks like a cheap copy of the MI6 of James Bond. I like the cool gadgets and some of the villain’s minions. One of them has a scar on his face because of which he looks like he is always smiling. The action scenes are also quite nice, and the language is easy to understand.

© Review and picture: Michael Faber, 5Am, September 2022


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