Lewis, C. S: Prince Caspian

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The Narnia Chronicles, vol. 4

I recommend this book to fantasy-fans, and everyone who liked the other parts of Narnia and wants to know how the story continues. 
The book takes place in the magic land of Narnia. 
Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy, who once were great kings of this land suddenly, get back to this place. But everything has changed. 1000 years have passed, and they just find their destroyed castle Cair Paravell. Narnia is now ruled by humans who call themselves Telmarians. They chased the Narnians into the woods and treat them like animals. 
The four siblings meet prince Caspian, who had to flee, because his uncle wanted to kill him. Together they round up all the Narnians and build an army. Can they win back what should be theirs? 
The language of the book is not very hard, but you should be an intermediate in English. 
It is an interesting, very well-written story with lots of unexpected changes. 

Lewis, C.S: Prince Caspian

Pages: 238 
Shelf mark: FE.J/LEW
Genre: fantasy 
Themes: courage, chivalry

Stars: **** out of *****

© Max Schwaiger, 5A (October 2012)