Stine, R. L.: Don’t Forget Me!

I’ve read the book “Don’t Forget Me!” by R. L. Stine. The author is famous for a lot of unexpected twists in his books. This book is also like that. It confused me very often because there are a lot of such twists.

I chose this book because the cover is created well. So it looks promising. There is also another reason: I like thrillers and this book is a good one. When I read the book I always got the heebie-jeebies.

Now to the summary of the plot:

Danielle and her family move to a new house. Danielle’s friend comes to visit her and they want to make plans for the next talent show. They agree to do some hypnotism. So they take Danielle’s brother and try to hypnotize him. After that her brother Peter is acting strangely. He forgets things and later he forgets that he has a sister named Danielle. He sends her out of their house. Too stupid that their parents are far away, on a business trip. So how can she turn him back into his former self? At night there are some whispers calling for Peter. Then a reporter comes and tells her some strange stories about the house. But what’s wrong with it? Find it out for yourself!

“Don’t Forget Me!” is easy to read, gripping and it’s a page turner. I couldn’t put it down and I read it in one day.
The book isn’t very long. It has just 133 pages and it’s in large print.

What I don’t like about this book is that it’s a bit too short and that it’s a bit confusing at the end, but I like the story very much and I like also the characters. My favourite character is Peter. He is so cute and funny.

If you’re still not sure if you want to read the book I’d like to give you some tips.

You should read it – if you’re older than ten.

– if you’re not too easily scared.

– if you like thrillers.

– if you like reading with a pounding heart.

I would give this book the grade **** because it’s too short, so I can’t give it 5 stars.

But I thing I will read the next R.L. Stine’s books from the NIGHTMARE room series.


R. L. Stine: Don’t Forget Me!

133 pages
Rating: ****

Signatur: FE / STI


© Claudia Hellmann (Sept. 2008)