Kayne, Marilyn: Gifted

Buchtipps | Englische Bücher

Pages: 223

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: adventure, fantasy

Themes: courage, nine secret powers, loneliness, friendship

The book „Gifted” tells the story of a girl named Amanda Beeson, a very self-confident, arrogant and rich person. She is the „Queen of Mean“, gossiping and criticizing the looks of everyone at school. However, Amanda has an unusual gift. Whenever she feels sorry for a person who is poor or unhappy, her mind temporarily transfers to the body of this person and she can understand the way this person feels.

One day Amanda wakes up in Tracey Devon’s body, the very shy girl that no one pays attention to, and one of Amandas bullying target. Amanda tries to return to her own body, but this is not easy.

I chose that book, because I heard there was a film based on it and the title seemed intriguing to me. The language seemed a bit basic at first, but in the middle part of the book I found a lot of new words that I could learn.

© Review and picture: Klara Ansari-Aazam, 5Am, September 2022


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