Bild © Magdalena Schober, 4A, 2017

Bild © Magdalena Schober, 4A, 2017

Cooney, Caroline B.: The Face on the Milk Carton

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The book was written by Caroline B. Cooney. It’s a book about friendship and it’s quite easy to read. I didn’t look up one word in the dictionary and I understood the book very well. I chose this book, because I found the blurb very interesting and the cover attracted my attention. I also think that the cover really fits the story. The book has 184 pages and I read the book in one and a half week.

I would recommend the book to those who don’t like horror stories, but prefer exciting books. I also think it’s good for pupils under 14.

The main character is Janie Johnson. She’s 15 years old and has beautiful red hair. Reeve is her first boyfriend and she’s very happy with him. I think she’s very likeable. She’s good at school and also has many friends.

Janie Johnson, who lives in Connecticut in the USA, has a regulated and easy life. One day in the school cafeteria she notices a picture of a young kidnapped girl on a milk carton, named Jennie Spring. Slowly she realizes that that this picture shows herself as a little girl. Was she really kidnapped? With her boyfriend Reeve she pieces things together to find her real mother. These tracks guide them to New Jersey, where she also finds the Spring family. They also have red hair just like Janie. But Janie can’t think that her loving parents kidnapped her. She brings herself to ask her parents about it. Gradually she finds out the truth…

All in all I would give the book three stars out of five, because I didn’t need to look up any words. But in my view it sometimes is a bit boring and childish. I think I’m too old for this book and because of this I didn’t find it so exciting.

Caroline B. Cooney: The Face on the Milk Carton

Signatur: FE.J/COO, Rating: ***

184 pages

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Bild © Magdalena Schober, 4A, 2017