Illustration: Paul Zimmermann 5A (September, 2018)

Horowitz, Anthony: Alex Rider – Stormbreaker


The action book “Alex Rider – Stormbreaker” is about a 14- year-old boy who lives with his uncle Ian and Jack, a housekeeper, in a house in London. One day a policeman shows up at his house and tells him that his uncle died in a car accident. Alex doesn’t believe that because Ian was always careful with cars. Alex begins to spy. He goes to a scrapyard where he hopes to find his uncle’s car, which he does. But instead of a dent, he finds bullet holes in the driver’s seat. Alex finds out that his uncle was a secret agent for the MI6. He must replace him and before he can do that he has to complete a hard training. He finally gets sent on a mission to spy a millionaire who owns a computer company named Herod Sayle and it turns out that he has put deadly gas inside his computers that could kill thousands of people in England. Alex tries everything to stop him.


What I liked about the book is, that it is very thrilling. I didn’t like, that the plot was very predictable and like a standard detective story. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars because it was a good book, but not the best I’ve ever read. I would recommend it to people who like detective stories. The language in this book is not very difficult and the font size is very big.

Horowitz, Anthony: Alex Rider – Stormbreaker

Pages: 256

Rating: ***

Signatur: FE.J / HOR

© Review and Illustration: Paul Zimmermann 5A (September, 2018)