Illustration: Amelie Wenzl, 5Am (September 2018)

Fine, Anne: Madame Doubtfire


I chose the book because I watched the film and it was really funny.

The story is about an English family with three children. The parents are divorced, and they often argue. Daniel, the father, who is my favourite character, because he is very funny and creative, would like to see his children more often, but his ex-wife Miranda makes it difficult for him.

One day Miranda tells Daniel that she needs a housekeeper who can also look after the children nearly every day. Then Daniel has the idea to dress up as an old lady and to apply for the job in Miranda’s house as Madame Doubtfire. He gets the job and from that day on he sees his children nearly every day. But soon the children discover the secret behind Madame Doubtfire.

I liked the idea of the story. It was very humorous and never boring. I would recommend the book to people who like old comedy-stories.


Fine, Anne: Madame Doubtfire

Pages: 175

Rating: ****

Genre: comedy


Signatur: FE.J / FIN

© Review and Illustration: Amelie Wenzl, 5Am (September 2018)