Illustration: Ann-Kathrin Holz, 5Am (September 2018)

Lockhart, E.: We Were Liars


The book is about a girl named Cadence, who is a member of the Sinclaire family. Her family is very rich and powerful. They are so rich that that they even have their own private island. Cadence usually spends her summer on their island, which is called Beechwood. There she meets up with her whole family, which she doesn’t have that much contact with throughout the year, because they all live at different places. In Beechwood she hangs out with her two cousins Mirren and Johnny and with Johnny’s friend Gat. They call themselves “The Liars“.

Although Cadence’s family seems to be perfect at first, they actually have big problems. Cadence‘s father left her and her mother. They try to make the best out of it and forget all about him. But in summer15, how they call it, Cadence injures her head and can’t remember much of what exactly happened. Now she tries to find out all about that summer.

My opinion

In my opinion the book wasn’t that thrilling most of the time. But I really enjoyed the ending of the book. There was a twist I hadn’t thought of at all. I would recommend the book to people who love drama but also to people who enjoy reading crime stories.

Lockhart, E.: We Were Liars

Pages: 225

Genre: drama

Rating: *** (out of five)

Signatur: FE.J / LOC

© Review and Illustration: Ann-Kathrin Holz, 5Am (September 2018).