Illustration: Richard Wutscher, 5Am (September 2018)

Riordan, Rick: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Battle of the Labyrinth

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“The Battle of the Labyrinth“ is the fourth book of Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. I chose the book because many friends of mine told me the book was really thrilling. The fantasy book has 361 pages, divided into 20 chapters.

Here is a quick summary and my opinion of the book: After Percy, the son of the god Poseidon, comes back to the summer camp, everything changes: The camp leader Mr. D is gone and the sword fighting coach and his hell dog behave very strangely.

The camp finds out that Luke is exploring a millennial old labyrinth, to find the halfblood-camp and the Olymp. Percy, Annabeth, Percy’s brother Tyson, and the satyr Grover get the task to stop Luke and find the constructer of the labyrinth, Daedalus. But the team has to go to the middle of the labyrinth first. This is a big challenge because on the way to the finish line there are many traps, illusions of the labyrinth and monsters. These have to be killed.

The theme of the whole story is to never give up. I’ll give you an example: When Luke’s army made it through the labyrinth and the team think they are going to lose, Grover takes out his pipes and scares the army back into the labyrinth.

I actually liked every single scene in this book because it was so thrilling that I couldn’t stop reading. The language in the book is pretty easy to understand and I would recommend it to people who havealready read the first three novels of the Percy Jackson series. If you haven’t read the books, it will be not that easy to follow the plot.

I hope I inspired you to read the book 😉 .

Riordan, Rick: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Battle of the Labyrinth

Rating: *****

Pages: 361

Signatur: FE.J / RIO

© Review and Illustration: Richard Wutscher, 5Am (September 2018)