Illustration: Emma Pohl, (September 2018)

Valentine, Jenny: Fire Colour One


This book is about a young girl called Iris. Her life is not easy because of her difficult relationship with her mother and her stepfather. Iris doesn’t know her biological father. Ernest, the girl’s real father is a passionate art collector. He has many pictures by Piccaso. When Ernest is about to die, Iris goes to England to meet him. She discovers new truths which will affect the girl’s life.

This book is gripping and a wonderful story. It’s a bit sad that Iris doesn’t know her father, but they both find a way to get to know each other.

I would recommend this novel to readers who love art and teens and who enjoy reading about tough topics, journeys and relationships.

Valentine, Jenny:Fire Colour One

Pages: 238

Rating: ****

Genre: young adult novel

Themes: family, love, friendship

Signatur: FE.J / VAL

© Review and Illustration: Emma Pohl, (September 2018)