Illustration: Pia Kastner, 5A (September 2018)

Rundell, Katherine: The Wolf Wilder


Do you like animals in particular wolves and dogs? Then you must read this book.

It is a lovely and exciting story about a big friendship between wolves and humans.


The main character is a girl named Feodora, who lives with her mum Marina in a small house in the forest. But Feo isn’t a girl who lives a normal life. She and her mother train tame wolves to fend for themselves in the icy country of Russia. Feo loves this job and spends a lot of time with her three half-wild wolves: Gray, White and Black.

One day the soldiers of the tsar visit Feo and her mum. The soldiers want them to shoot the wolves, because they kill the elks in the forest. They also forbid them to spend any more time with the wolves. So Feo has to be careful and hide her work with the wolves. But Feo makes mistakes and with those a lot of problems come up…  A great hunt begins.


I like the book, because it never gets boring. The feelings are described so powerfully that you can feel like one of the characters. The language is easy to read, but sometimes I had to look up words in the dictionary.

It’s a great book. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Rundell, Katherine: The Wolf Wilder

Pages: 231

Genre: Historic Fiction, Adventure Fiction

Rating: *****

Signatur: FE.J / RUN


© Review and Illustration: Pia Kastner, 5A (September 2018)