Swindells, Robert: Room 13


I read the book Room 13, and all in all I think this book is quite okay to read, but I had hoped it would be a little more interesting. I don’t like that the ending is so easy to foresee, which takes away most of the suspense. But I think the language is quite easy, you won’t have any problems reading it.

It’s a thriller type of book for children who are 13 or 14. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in thrilling stories. The book has got 157 pages and after a hesitant start, I read the last 50 pages in one piece. At that point, it’s really a page turner.

Now to the story: The night before Fliss goes on a school trip, she has a shocking nightmare. In the first night at her hotel „The Crow’s Nest“, she hears strange noises coming out of room number 13. Fliss soon finds out that the number on the door appears at night, but during the day it disappears. Every night she hears a classmate walking over to room 13. So Fliss and three of her friends want to see what’s behind this door. Every night they meet in front of this strange door and wait what happens. Soon they find out that there is a vampire in it, and it is Fliss duty to murder this vampire. So one night, she walks in…

Robert Swindells: Room 13

158 pages

Signatur: FE.J/SWI  

My rating:  ***

© Nina Kral 5B (Sept. 2008)