Bild © Sophia Legner 2017

Bild © Sophia Legner 2017

Blume, Judy: Tiger Eyes

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The book Tiger Eyes was written by Judy Blume and it is about a death in a family and the consequences of it. The cover looks a little bit old-fashioned and I think that it doesn’t fit the story.

The story in this book is set in the USA, in Atlantic City, where the family Wexler lives. This family consists of the father, Adam, the mother, Gwen, the son, Jason, and the main character, the daughter, Davey. They are a very happy family, but one night the father is shot in his shop by a robber. From this time on, the life of Gwen, Jason and Davey will never be the same.
Bitsy, the sister of the deceased, and her husband Walter attend the funeral in Atlantic City. They are from Los Alamos, a town in New Mexico. When they see how drained the family is, they offer Gwen to visit them whenever she wants to. So the mother decides to go with her children to their relatives in Los Alamos to get over the sudden death of her husband.
There Davey meets, a mysterious young man in a canyon. From the first moment on she finds something interesting about him. She often meets him and they have lots of fun. But after some time they lose contact.
At this time she volunteers in a Medical Centre, where she finds out something interesting about the young man.
The mother, Gwen, tries to work up Adam’s death and in the ending something beautiful happens.

The length of time the story covers is half a year and the main character is Davey, a teenager, who is a very lively person.

My favourite character is Davey, because I like her self-confidence during the time when her mother is down after Adam’s death.

I enjoyed reading this book, because I like dramatic stories and this type of stories with family problems. I also think that it was easy to read, but I had to look up a few words, which I had never heard or read before. My favourite part of the book is the ending, but I won’t tell you any details. You will have to find out yourself…

I would recommend Tiger Eyes to people of all ages, because I think that teenagers, but also older people will enjoy reading it.

In my view, it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Judy Blume: Tiger Eyes

143 pages

Signatur: FE/BLU, My rating: ****

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