Bild © Ann-Kathrin Holz, 4A, 2017

Bild © Ann-Kathrin Holz, 4A, 2017

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert: The Off Season

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“The Off Season” is a book with the message that everyone should be respected by society.  A 16-year-old girl, called D.J. Schwenk, who lives on a dairy farm in Red Bend, together with her mother, her father and her 14-year-old brother Curtis is the best example for a person who does not care about someone else’s appearance. D.J. plays American football at the High School team, which she really loves.
One day Brain Nelson, who often comes over to help with the work on the farm wants to go to Minneapolis with D.J. In the city they talk a lot and become a couple. The problem in their relationship is that Brain goes to Halway, which is the arch enemy High School to the one in Rend Bend. At least that’s what makes them break up. D.J.‘s troubles became more and more. As if breaking up with Brain is not enough, she injures her shoulder and so she has to choose what she wants. Playing football for fun or playing basketball for getting a scholarship for college.
To crown it all, her older brother Win, who goes to the college already, injures his spine. D.J. has to step up for her family in this bad time.
At first I did not enjoy this book at all, because it was very boring, but after a couple of pages it becomes very tragic and so I began to like it.
I recommend this book for children from 12 onwards, because the language was very easy, I think.

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert: THE OFF SEASON

Pages: 277
Shelf mark: FE.J/MUR
Genre: real life story
Themes: being different, perseverance, love, sport, coming-of-age

Rating: ***

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Bild  © Ann-Kathrin Holz, 4Am, 2017