Bild © Nicole Navaifard 2017

Bild © Nicole Navaifard 2017

Bowvayne, A. E.: A Turn in the Grave

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I’ve chosen this book because I like stories which are a bit strange and which have a bad ending… The title of this book promised me to find these two qualities in that story. Well, I was mistaken because this book is maybe one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever read.

It is about a ten-year-old boy, called Danny, who has got an extremely wicked stepmother who always plays very nasty tricks on him whenever his father isn’t in the house. As his father works nearly all day, he is often alone with Aunt Mildred and her hyena called Cuddles. She orders him to clean the hyena’s cage very often and if he doesn’t, Aunt Mildred puts hyena hair, or dirt, or even flies into Danny’s dinner.
But what happened to Danny’s real mother? A long time ago she went gallivanting off to Venezuela to hunt for the world’s rarest bird, the Long-tailed Pink Polka-dotted Homewrecking Cuckoo and they have never heard from her again. Now he wants to avenge his wicked stepmother because he can’t stand that woman any longer. He tries to ask his favourite author, Cyril Specture, for help. They both will punish Aunt Mildred, of course.

The few things I liked about the story were that there were many new adjectives, I hadn’t known before, and I also liked the wicked stepmother and her hyena because of they are simply strange and WICKED.

What I didn’t like was the whole ending of the story, especially the way Danny and his father knocked Mildred out of their home.

I liked the adjectives but they made reading the story harder, but even then it was really easy to follow the story.

At last I would recommend this book to anyone who’s got a stranger personality than me… Maybe this story was just too strange for me.

A. E. Bowvayne: A Turn in the Grave

144 pages

Signatur: FE.J/BOW, My rating for this book: **

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Bild © Nicole Navaifard 2017