Farmer, Nancy: The House of Scorpions

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The themes of this story are the friendship between a clone and a human and the secrets of the clone’s existence.

The main character in this story is called Matt, a six-year-old boy. He has never been out of the house, because Celia, who cares for him, doesn’t allow him to. And she also told him to hide when people pass the house, so that nobody can see him. But then children come to his house and he is so surprised that he doesn’t hide. He doesn’t tell Celia. A few days later the children come again and he speaks with them. He wants to play with the children, but he cannot open the door or a window. So he breaks the window and jumps out of the house. He is badly hurt, because of the impact and the children take him to their home. There a doctor cures him, but nobody really likes him, except for little Maria, one of the children. But all the others call him an eejit. But what is an eejit? And when he wants to go home to Celia, he isn’t allowed to…

What I found interesting about the book was that Matt had never been outside of his house, and when he is finally outside, nobody likes him. But then he and Maria, who doesn’t care what the others say, become friends. It’s a really exciting, interesting, but maybe also a bit complicated story about the exciting life of the clone Matt. It’s a real page turner, though the language is really difficult. I had to look up some words in the dictionary, but then I understood it. I can only recommend it to everybody, who likes futuristic books. Nancy Farmer knows exactly, how she can make you love or hate the characters in the book.

Farmer, Nancy: The House of Scorpions

Pages: 380

Shelf mark: FE.J/FAR

Genre: science fiction

Rating: ****

© Julia Frühwirth, 5A (October 2012)