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Wilson, Jacqueline: The Suitcase Kid

I chose the book, because of the cover and the title. But I hadn’t heard anything of the book before. I think the title is suitable for the story, because it tells you what the book is about without giving away any details of the story. That makes it interesting. The book has 155 pages.

In the book, The Suitcase Kid, the main character is a ten-year-old girl called Andy.
Her parents split up some years ago and now she must live one week at her mother’s place and one week at her father’s. That’s not very easy for Andy, but that’s not her only problem. Her parents have new partners now, and they also have some kids, so Andy has got six new stepsisters and stepbrothers, which she doesn’t like.
Andy’s life is horrible, but she has her little mascot. A rabbit called Radish.
Radish is her only true friend. Of course Andy has got some more friends, but they are all at Mulberry Cottage, where Andy used to live before her parents had split up. She often dreams about living at Mulberry Cottage with Mum and Dad again, but each time she wakes up, she is sad to be at Mum’s or at Dad’s. And because Andy is often so sad, the whole family is in therapy.
The psychiatrist tells Andy that now she has got two homes, one with her Mum, house A and one with her Dad, house B.
And in the end of the book Andy has got a third house, but I won’t tell you too much.

I liked the story very much because I like family stories and realistic problems that every one of us has experienced and I like the cover, because it’s so colorful.

I think the language is easy to read, but I had to look up some words in the dictionary.

For me the best part of the book was the ending, because it’s a happy ending, and there are no questions left. I would recommend the book to teenagers who are about 14 or 15.

Jacqueline Wilson: The Suitcase Kid

Signatur: FE.J / WIL, 155 pages, Rating: ***

This book is a family story.


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