Bild © Alexander Richter, 4B, 2017/18

Bild © Alexander Richter, 4B, 2017/18

Christie, Agatha: Death On the Nile

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I think the title of the book is very interesting. „Death on the Nile“: this can mean so many different things. This book is actually a comic crime novel and I chose it, because I like comics and detective stories.

The murder story begins on a ship. Many people make a cruise along the Nile. It is a very tranquil cruise, but suddenly this calm atmosphere changes. Linnet, a young, beautiful and rich woman, has been shot through her head. But who did it? Jackie is the obvious suspect, but she has a secure alibi. It seems like an insolvable crime, until the famous detective Hercule Poirot starts to search after the murderer.
There are many things that I liked, and many that I didn’t like about this book:

What I really liked was that I never knew who the murderer was, I only found out in the end.

I didn’t like that the story isn’t a modern story and takes place many years ago. It was sometimes very difficult to follow the story, because there are suddenly new characters and new names, and there are so many characters.

The language was a little bit difficult for me. I had to look up some words in the dictionary. But I enjoyed the pictures; they helped to understand the story better. And in my opinion, there could be a better beginning; I found the first ten pages very boring. But all in all it was an entertaining story!

I recommend this book to anyone who likes comics or detective stories. Especially people who are interested in detective stories will love this book!

Agatha Christie: Death On the Nile

Adapted by Francois Rivière. Illustrated by Solidor.

Signatur: FE/CHR,  My rating: ***

44 pages


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Bild © Alexander Richter, 4B, 2017/18