Schriftzug @ Alexander Widmer, 4B (2017/18)

Schriftzug @ Alexander Widmer, 4B (2017/18)

Blume, Judy: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

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Peter is a 9-years-old boy. He has got a little brother, called Fudge. Peter doesn’t like his brother because he always makes problems. Once Peter and his friend Jimmy have to look after Fudge – just for ten minutes. He climbs on a jungle gym and thinks he’s a bird. He flaps his arms around and falls down. He loses his two front teeth. Another reason why Peter doesn’t like his brother is because of the things, which happen at Fudge’s birthday party. Peter has got a turtle, called Dribble. Fudge and his friends play with Dribble, as if he was a toy. For Peter, Dribble is his one and only, because his parents sometimes just have eyes for Fudge. One day Peter’s father goes with Peter and his little brother to the cinema. Everything is OK, but suddenly Peter notices, that Fudge is gone. They stop the film and look for Fudge. After some time Peter finds him, sitting in the second row on the floor. Fudge says that he just wanted to touch the bears in the film.

Sometimes Peter doesn’t like Fudge. But then one thing happens that makes him really hate Fudge. Once Peter gets home from school and notices that Dribble isn’t there. He looks for him everywhere. Then Fudge comes and says that he ate Dribble…

What I liked about the book: I’ve also got a little brother. He’s not so much younger than me but I think that it was very funny to read about the problems which brothers could cause. It was a very funny story.

What I didn’t like about the book: I think it’s for children who are around ten. For me it was sometimes a little bit boring and it was too easy to read.

Language: Very easy to read, for me a bit too easy.

Judy Blume: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Signatur: FE/BLU, Rating: ***

© by Stefanie Blödorn, 5B (Sept. 2008)

Schriftzug @ Alexander Widmer, 4B (2017/18)