Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4A, 2017

Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4A, 2017

Lewis, C. S.: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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The Narnia Chronicles, vol. 2

The book is about four siblings, two girls and two boys. They are called Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Peter is the oldest and Lucy the youngest. They are sent away from London, because of the war. In this house, Lucy finds a wardrobe which leads to a land called Narnia. She wants to tell the others about it, but they don´t want to hear anything until they have to hide in the wardrobe. In Narnia they meet a beaver. He tells them that there is a prophecy about four daughters of Eve and two sons of Adam, who save Narnia from the bad witch.  So they want to save Narnia, but Edmund commits treason and they have to save him before they can save Narnia.
I chose this book, because I always wanted to read it as I saw the film and I like it very much, because I like fantasy. I think the title of the book is too long but the cover fits the story. I can’t tell you the best part of the book because if I did, I would give away too much of the story. 
The language is very simple and easy to read. It takes you five days to read the 206 pages. 

I give the book ***** stars because it is very well written and easy to read.

Lewis, C. S.: The Chronicles of  Narnia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Pages: 206
Shelfmark: FE.J/LEW
Genre: Fantasy
Themes: Good vs. evil, courage, betrayal, friendship, transformation

Rating: *****

© Isabella Skalicky, 5A (October 2012)

Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4Am, 2017