Illustration: Julia Hartl, 5Am, 2018.

Hankes, Kevin: Words of Stones


Joselle has to go to her grandma Floy because her mother spends her holiday with her new lover and doesn’t want her to go with them. She is fed up with this situation and tries to find someone whose life is worse than hers. And that’s not difficult because on the other side of the hill there lives a boy named Blaze Werla. His mother died when he was five years old and he has burning scars because of an accident on a ferris wheel. Blaze has an imaginary friend and every year at the same time he buries the old one and makes a new one. He marks the spots where he buries them with stones. One day Joselle decides to make words of those stones. At first, she writes the name of Blaze’s mother,Reena, then on another day: Fire because of the accident on the ferris wheel. When Blaze reads those words, he is a little bit scared and thinks that it was Clair, the new lover of his dad. One day he meets Joselle on the hill and they become very good friends. But Blaze doesn’t know that Joselle wrote the word of stones…

I think the book was good to read because it wasn’t too difficult but also a bit of a challenge. It is also nice that it is written from two points of view.

Hankes, Kevin: Words of Stones

Pages: 152

Rating: ****

Signatur: FE.J / HAN

© Review and Illustration:  Julia Hartl, 5Am (September 2018)