Illustration © Maggie David, 4C 2017

Illustration © Maggie David, 4C 2017

Sugg, Zoe: Girl Online

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The book „Girl Online – On Tour“ –  written by the famous author and youtuber Zoe Sugg – is a romance. Penguin Books published this book together with the other two parts of the Girl Online series in 2015.
The story is about a girl called Penny and her famous boyfriend Noah Flynn and their life on tour through Europe.

Penny lives in Brighton with her parents and her older brother. She is a very smart but shy person and goes to school. Her 18-year-old boyfriend Noah is a really famous musician who lives in New York City with his sister and his grandmother. He loves Penny a lot and would do anything for her. Noah invites Penny to come with him and his band on a 2 – week tour through Europe during the summer. He also promises that they will have a “Magical Mystery Day” in every city on the tour but spends less time with Penny than he thought. This is aggravated by the fact that it is really hard for Penny to be the girlfriend of a popstar. Beside that Noah trusts his best and oldest friend Blake sometimes more than Penny.
When a drunk Blake kisses Penny their relationship seems to be ruined. Or will Penny and Noah reconcile?

I think this is a great book and I am going to read the following part of Girl Online, too. I´m not much of a reader because most stories bore me but this one is awesome. I would recommend it to everyone who loves teenage romance novels no matter whether boy or girl. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it was an easy read and I like the story. 

Zoe Sugg: Girl Online

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Rating ****

Review by Selina Rapp, 5Bf, June 2017

Illustration © Maggie David, 4C 2017