Bild © Magdalena Schober 2017

Bild © Magdalena Schober 2017

Blume, Judy: Forever

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Forever is a novel for young people written by Judy Blume in 1975. It is about a deep relationship between an 18-year-old boy and a girl.

Katherine meets Michael at a party and is interested in him from the beginning.
They meet again and after a few dates they fall in love. Katherine and Michael are really attracted to each other and their innocent love grows into a serious relationship. The young lovers want to be together forever, but when their parents decide that the couple has to spend the summer apart, Katherine apprehends that keeping this promise and this love alive is not as simple as they both thought.

The book gives a very personal view on Katherine’s emotions and how she feels in special situations.

I think the whole love story between Katherine and Michael is not as special as it could be and not so exciting. But for young people who want to know more about love and sex, the book might be interesting and very clarifying. I also think it is easy to read and understand.

The book was written 33 years ago, so some facts, for example about birth control, might not be applicable for our time.

But love is still the same, so for people who are interested in this topic should really read this novel 😉

Judy Blume: Forever

178 pages

Signatur: FE/BLU, My rating: ***

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Bild © Magdalena Schober 2017