Stine, R. L.: Locker 13


The plot:

The book is about a lucky, ten-year-old boy. His name is Luke. He is a friendly, intelligent and athletic boy, but he has one bad character trait: He is very superstitious. Luke always takes his lucky charms with him.

But on his first High School-day his luck changes immediately. His new locker has the number 13, and for Luke 13 is a bad number. His good luck has ended. He gets bad marks and he plays very badly at the basketball team. Furthermore, strange things happen, for example a black cat jumps out of his locker. Luke thinks that all that happens because of his locker, and so he writes “lucky” over the number 13.

The next day he finds a little yellow rubber skull, with red glowing eyes. At this point his luck turns again and he is the “Lucky Luke” again.

After two months the eyes of the skull turn black and the Fate-Master, who controls the luck of all people, appears. He says that Luke has to pay for his good luck with bad luck for his whole life. But if Luke gives the skull to his other friends, he might become free.

My opinion:

I really liked to read this book. The first pages are a bit boring, but after that, the book gets more and more thrilling. Sometimes it is very funny and it is not written in a very difficult style.


Stine, R. L.: Locker 13

shelfmark: FE/STI,



Stephan Sommerbauer, 4A (March 2009)