Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4A, 2017

Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4A, 2017

Lewis, Clive Staples: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew


I recommend this book to people who like Fantasy and who want to know how Narnia was founded, why there is a bad witch, why some animals can talk, why Aslan is the king and lord of the whole land of Narnia, and why Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter can get into Narnia through a magic wardrobe.


The book starts when Polly, who lives in London, makes friends with Digory, a boy from the country. Their holidays would have been rather boring, if they hadn’t found a secret tunnel, which leads to all the attics of the houses around the block. One day they decide to explore an old, deserted house. But in the tunnel they open the wrong door and find themselves in the study of Digory’s mad uncle Andrew again. As they find out, the uncle is a bad magician, who made some mysterious rings which take you into another world. He sends Polly into the other world by a clever trick. Digory has no other chance but to follow her and save her. When he finds Polly they decide to explore more.
So both of them get into the world of Charn. It is a dying world where nobody lives in, they think, but when Digory strikes a bell with a hammer he wakes up Queen Jadis, a witch and the last queen of Charn. When the witch finds out where Polly and Digory are from, she wants to rule their world because she knows that her world is dying. But as Digory and Polly want to vanish without her, she catches Polly by her hair and goes with them.
In London she makes Uncle Andrew her slave and orders him to get herself a hansom. But the police try to catch Jadis after she stole some jewels. In order not to let the queen make more trouble, Digory and Polly put on their magic rings and disappear with her and Uncle Andrew into another world.
Just when they find out that this is the beginning world of Narnia the adventure really starts!


I chose that book because I wanted to know how the story of Narnia began. The Magician’s Nephew is the first book of The CHRONICLES of NARNIA and I had heard about it before. I think nearly everybody knows the two films of Narnia. They are the film versions of the second and fourth books. The title and the cover of The Magician’s Nephew fit the story really well. I like the cover a lot.

The beginning of the story was a bit boring but also funny. It got very exciting when Polly and Digory travelled into other worlds with the magic rings. The most thrilling part was when they woke up the witch. The ending was really interesting.

I enjoyed the funny and entertaining parts as well as the terrifying and strange bits. I really like the story because the book was hardly ever boring, most of the time it was a PAGE TURNER! The best part was when Digory had to fight against his own heart-wishes to save Narnia because I like it when you have to fight against yourself to save or destroy something. I could really see the story in my head.

I want to read the other books by C. S. Lewis, too.


The language isn’t very difficult, just at the right level for 14-year-olds. I only had to look up two or three words in the dictionary. The sentences are quite easy and very good to read and understand. The book was easy to read.

C. S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia: 

The Magician’s Nephew

224 pages, 15 chapters

Shelf mark: FE/LEW

Rating: *****!

Theme: Friendship, Beginning of Narnia

Genre: Fantasy

© Valeria Plohovich, 5B (Sept. 2008)

Bild © Mona-Lisa Schwarzenecker, Lea Walter, 4A, 2017

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