Bild © Marieke Thuijs, 4B, 2017/18

Bild © Marieke Thuijs, 4B, 2017/18

Bowler, Tim: Starseeker

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The book is about a boy called Luke, who is about seventeen years old. Luke has got a gift: he can play the piano better than anyone else. His father was also a gifted pianist. But his father died of cancer some years ago. Now his mother has got a new lover, whom she wants to marry, which Luke does not like or understand. He also has problems at school. He still thinks a lot about his father.
At the same time a gang wants him to steel a jewellery box from an old lady to become a member of their gang. At first he does not want to. But when he finally goes inside the old woman suddenly stands in front of him… Miranda, a girl in his class he really likes, wants him to accompany her on the piano.
All in all I think the book is totally amazing. It is a real page turner!

The first thing why I chose this book was the cover. The cover really attracted my attention. I like it very much. It is what you can really call an eye catcher. But because of the blurb I decided to read it. I think the title perfectly fits the book.

My favourite character is Luke, the main character. He seems to be very likeable. And I can really feel with the main character.
I like the story. It was sometimes thrilling, but it was also romantic. And it was never boring. Not a second.For me the story was not difficult to read. There were hardly any words I did not understand.
Maybe thirteen and older is the right age to read this book.

Starseeker won the Carnegie Medal, which is a British book award.

Tim Bowler: Starseeker

322 pages
Rating: **** and a half

Shelf mark: FE/BOW

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Bild © Marieke Thuijs, 4B, 2017/18