Lewis, C. S.: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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The Narnia Chronicles, vol. 5

If you enter the enchanted world of ”The Chronicles of Narnia”, you will find seven fantasy books in all. ”The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is the fifth one. There is a film about the book and that’s the reason why I have decided to read this book. The cover – a mysterious ship on the stormy and wild sea – perfectly fits the story, because the main theme of the book is a mystic journey. 

The opening of the story is a very humorous description of the fat boy Eustace Clarence Scrubb, called a “record stinker” bossing and bullying his cousins Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, who are on a visit at his house. Through a magic picture of a ship at sea the three children are drawn into the mystic world of Narnia. They land on a ship called “Dawn Treader”, the ship of Caspian, king of Narnia. They attend Caspian, who wants to find the ”seven Lords of Narnia” on his exciting journey. They are e. g captured by a slave trader, at another island Eustace is transformed into a dragon and he realises, how beastly and disgusting his previous behaviour was. Will the mystic lion Aslan turn Eustace back into a boy? 

They visit islands called “Burnt Island “,”Death water Island” or the” Island where dreams come true” also called the “Dark Island! Will they find the seven lost Lords in the end? And will they find Aslan’s country beyond the seas of the “Utter East” at the world’s end? And will Lucy, Edmund and Eustace ever return into their own world?? If you want to have the answers, you will have to read this thrilling story!!!

The main characters are:

Prince Caspian: He is the true king of Narnia, a boy with golden hair. 

Edmund Pevensie: called “King Edmund the Just”. He is a young teenager who evolves to a smart and kind person.

Lucy: is the character I like best. Although she is the youngest of the (all in all) four Pevensie children, she is very brave, honest and helpful!!

The story was quite easy to read, at the right level for 14-year-olds. I loved the story, because it is set in an exciting and fantasy world, full of magic and adventures!! I would recommend it to teenagers between twelve and fifteen and I give five stars ***** !!!

Lewis, C. S.: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Pages: 271, Shelfmark: FE.J/LEW, Genre: fantasy, Themes: mystic journey, duty, redemption, love

Rating: *****

©Christine Fliedl, 5A 2012/13